Sunday, May 22, 2011

Warrior Mel

Yesterday I participated in something called "Warrior Dash" with my friends Mel (erm, that would be my human friend Mel) and Robert.
Upon completion of the 5k ridiculous obstacle course (and by ridiculous I mean everything you ever wanted to do as a kid and were told not to - giant slip and slides, swimming through mud pits, hay bale mountains, cargo nets), you are awarded a "warrior helmet."

After I got home, Mel took immediate interest in all of the smells on my muddy, disgusting clothes, promptly sprayed them where I had temporarily dropped them on the linoleum in my entry way while I took a shower, and let me know that whatever other animals I had been playing with that day (um, or in? as the case may be - there was a cow pasture right next to the course...I hope that the cow pasture stayed next to the course and not part of it but...) they, and their smells, were most certainly NOT welcome in Her home.

So this morning, to be supportive of her good sportsmanship yesterday, I tried the warrior helmet on her for size:

I think that pretty much sums up anything else I could possibly say.  She will probably kill me in my sleep tonight.  If only she knew I posted pictures on the Internet as well....

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  1. I had to go google it. Sounds like a great time! I wish there was someone around here who would like to do that with me. For sole purposes of saying that I did it.