Thursday, October 14, 2010

Devil Went Down to....well, downstairs.

The beasty is currently sitting on my lap imploring me to write about her antics.
To start:
1. Devil costume has been conquered.
2. We are still praying together - and tonight my camera was within reach.  It sort of interrupted the thought process to stop and take a picture, but I feel that the prayer was still complete.
3. Fall decorations have been destroyed.
4. A story.

1.  I think Mel actually enjoyed her devil costume.  She seemed right at home in it as she slithered about the living room.  I'm not sure she appreciated the horns as much as the cape (perhaps she felt like supercat?), but I didn't lose any arms, legs, fingers, toes, or eyeballs in the process of dressing her up. Or my face.  =D

2. In a previous post I wrote how when I sit down, light a candle, and start to pray out loud for my friend Will who is fighting cancer, Mel will come up and sit with me long enough for the prayer and will hop back down once I'm finished.  Well tonight I caught her in the act!  You can see the lit candle between her ears. :)

3. Once the devil costume was on the beasty, she proceeded to eat my hay bale, silk flowers and chew on my candy corn lights.  Once the devil costume was off the beasty, she proceeded to eat my hay bale, silk flowers and chew on my candy corn lights. Here she has pulled apart my silk flower arrangement that I made by hand, myself.

And 4....A story.

So the other day I came home with several bags of stuff in my arms.  I kicked open my door, put everything down and shut the door behind me.  Normally Mel greets me and if I jangle my keys, I hear her squawking.  Well my hands were full so there was no key jangling and therefore no squawking.  And there was no cat.  Highly unusual.
I started to call for her.  She generally comes to her name especially if she has been alone all day.
No Mel.
I went into my room.  Not on the bed.
I opened up my closet and checked my pile of handbags.  No Mel.
Pile of jeans.  No Mel.
Suitcase.  No Mel.
Linen closet.  No Mel.
Laundry room.  No Mel.
Dining area.  No Mel.
Living room.  No Mel.
Under the bed. No Mel.
Under the couch.  No Mel.
Guest bathroom.  No Mel.
My bathroom.  No Mel.
Balcony to see if she locked herself out again.  No Mel.
Guest bedroom.  No Mel.
Guest bedroom closet.  No Mel.
Bathroom cupboards.  No Mel.
Kitchen cupboards.  No Mel.
Dryer.  No Mel.
Underwear drawer.  No Mel.
I was beginning to get frantic as I had covered my square footage + some at this point.
No Mel.
Well something I've been learning over the past few months is that in staying calm, I usually get what I want sooner and easier than freaking out.  Sort of like the old story about the princess who searches high and low for her prized pearl and diamond necklace and can't find it anywhere, but when she sits down to think it through, she finds it already around her own neck.
At this point I'm talking to myself.
Mel is generally not the Houdini type cat.  She's generally just a crank pot.
I'm racking my brain.  Did someone come in my house and steal my cat?!
I noticed that my sofa pillows had the tell tale cat indentation in them.  I touched it.  Still warm.
Cat must be close by.  I relaxed a little bit.
About 10 minutes had passed.
I retrace my steps....
Just then there was a knock on the door.
I ran over and opened it and in comes Mel.
Mel was not the one who knocked.  But she may as well have been.
My neighbor stood there looking at me, and said, "Oh I guess that IS your cat."
"Oh my gosh!!" I gushed.  "Where did you find her?  I've been looking everywhere for her!!"
Verbatim: "She was sitting at the top of the stairs staring at your door like she wanted in."

Sigh.  It's a good thing she does not have opposable thumbs - nothing would be safe.

One final picture for tonight that I'm sure will help me get a date in the future:

She does have her moments....

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