Monday, October 4, 2010

She's a witch...she's a devil...she's a...pumpkin?

This past weekend Mel and I decorated her house.
Mel LOVES decorations.  Decorations involve boxes.  New smells.  Things to chew on.  Ladders.  Climbing up on the ladders so that I can't get down.
The first year I had Mel I bought her an angel costume for Halloween.  It was only a dollar and she ate the pipe cleaner halo.
This year my mom sent a much more appropriate devil costume for Mel.  I'm procrastinating on putting it on her.  I may wait until closer to Halloween so that in the event I lose an arm I'll fit right in without costume.
As I unpacked the box of fall decorations I pulled out Mel hopped in and out of the boxes, chewing on most of my decorations.  Melody got her name because when she is excited she seems to dance around in her own way.  Appropriately:

Mel's Favorite Things (to tune)-
Dried autumn leaves in baskets a plenty
Pumpkins and ghosts that number of twenty
Boxes to jump in and hide til attack
Kelsey's foot that I'll never give back

Fall colored leaves on a long string of garland
To understand garland you must be a MacFarland
Draped everywhere for the cat to chew on
The devil at work, or at least his spawn!

Then comes the wretching brought on by fake leaves
It's the best thing when that sound's achieved
Sounds like a plumber who just cleared a pipe
Don't take away my leaves or you'll get a big swipe

When it's autumn
With the beasty
And you're feeling scared
Just simply remember to fight her right back
With vinegar spraaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy... and a glaaaaarrrrre

Bravo, bravo.

So this weekend was filled with trouble making.  My leaf garland (my love of which is inherited from the MacFarlane/MacFarland side of the family who always seem to have garlands draped around at holiday time, my dislike of which comes from the cat treat they become) half survived the cat.  I place my pumpkin decorations out along with some autumnal candles.

And then I went a little to far and bought a can of pumpkin at the grocery store.  What on earth could Kelsey possible be doing with a can of pumpkin besides making something nasty for a haunted house?  Surely, SURELY, she is not going to try to actually make something edible with pumpkin.  From scratch!?

Ahhh yes.  I did.

Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin cookies.  Not ONCE did I set off my fire alarm - huzzah!!

AND I learned something about Mel.

Mel loves pumpkin.

The cat who won't eat wet cat food, tuna from a can, cat treats, expensive cat treats, gourmet cat treats, luxury cat treats, things that are cat treats bordering on human food - she ate pumpkin.  Just when I thought things couldn't get any more weird.

I have to say, walking into my kitchen and seeing Mel with her head down in the (nearly) empty can of pumpkin guts caused me to stop, turn around, and walk back into the kitchen a second time just to make sure I was really, actually seeing this happen.

Sure enough she brought her head up out of the can, covered with pumpkin and cleaning and preening the morsels off of her face with her paw, quite enthusiastically.

Last night she had her face in my pumpkin cookies.  This morning she had her nose in my pumpkin bread.  Relentlessly.  I finally put some bread crumbs in her dish and she neatly ate around her regular food, sucking up the bread crumbs.

Now interestingly, I attended church yesterday and the sermon was on the bread of life.  Our minister brought in a basket of all types of different breads for communion - tortillas, naan, pita, gluten-free... and blah blah I'll spare you a spiritual lecture, but it was quite an interesting message.  In my previous post I mentioned how Mel has been "praying" with me for our friend Will.  All of a sudden my cat is eating bread.  Has she been enlightened?  Has she come over from the dark side?  Has she taken a break from reigning over Hell?  Had she not eaten her pipe cleaner halo, I could try it on her and see if she were to spaz or spontaneously combust or sit peacefully.

Nah.  I'm looking forward to seeing the devil costume that "Gammy" sent on her, but not getting it on her.  Maybe if I leave it sitting out for her she'll put it on herself just like she helped herself to eating pumpkin.

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  1. Omg! I am in love with this blog post! I can't believe sge ate Pumpkin AND you didn't set off the alarm. Well done Kelsey!

    Love the poem too ;)